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eau de Monsoon


Take a departure from the traditional Indian fine dining as eau de Monsoon presents a new perspective experience has been tastefully curated to ensure that our guests relish the unique secret recipes of the modern contemporary India with its evolving cuisine.

This contemporary Indian restaurant serves both classic and avante garde Indian cuisine. The avant garde menu offers food of highest standard embracing a new cooking style, taking your dining experience to an all new level. The food is Indian in flavor and modern in style. Set amidst elegant settings Monsoon features exclusive private dining rooms and a walk in wine cellar offering the best of the international wines.

*Nero: *In a quest for an exclusive and intimate space, Nero (bar) with gothic overtones and the longest cocktail menu is the venue that brings a spirited flair to your evenings.

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Windsor Place, New Delhi 110001 India

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+91 11 2371 0101


Open for lunch and dinner

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